Slavery During the Founding Era of America


New York Manumission Society

What was Alexander Hamilton’s role in Emancipation? The relationship between Hamilton and slavery can be found in the accomplishments and shortcomings of the New York Manumission Society. The New York Manumission Society (NYMS) was created in 1785 to challenge the... Continue Reading →


Black Soldiers: Patriots

In the first months of the American Revolution, free blacks spontaneously joined the Patriot cause, but on November 12th of 1775, Washington issued an order barring any black people from joining the army. Any black soldiers who were currently in... Continue Reading →

Black Soldiers: Coloring Activity

Attached is a coloring page signifying how on both the British and American side enslaved people fought. They both had the same goal of freedom in their mind and they sought out whatever opportunity came to them first. The American Revolution... Continue Reading →

Black Soldiers: Loyalists

On Nov. 7, 1775, Lord Dunmore invited enslaved people to join the Royal Forces of the British army. He proclaimed “all indentured Servants, Negroes, or others… that are able and willing to bear Arms” for the King’s cause should join... Continue Reading →

The Slave Trade During the Revolutionary Era

  The slave trade played a crucial role in the Afro-European commerce that developed on the Gold Coast of Africa. In earlier African history, the demand for enslaved people came from merchants who were traveling the coast and required laborers... Continue Reading →

Introduction: Intention of Project

Hamilton, an award-winning musical playing on Broadway, captures the life story of Secretary-Treasurer Alexander Hamilton. Since its debut, audiences have praised Lin-Manuel Miranda for his blending of hip-hop music with the story of America’s founding and the race-conscious casting choices... Continue Reading →

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